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Portfolio page updated

I have just updated my portfolio page with more project descriptions and also included my personal experimental design work.

Check it out here and enjoy!

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Website Redesign (updated!)

I am currently looking to revamp the design and layout of this website. Please do excuse the odd text alignment explosion due to CSS issues.

EDIT: Well its pretty much all up and running. I have still some tweaking to do but its all there. The Portfolio samples are up, the About page updated and I’ve also added a Contact page to make communications much easier. Do Enjoy surfing the website.

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This Site Will be Moving to a New Server

I’ll be spending the next few days working to move this site to another server. So until the DNS information migrates through the Internet’s robotic feelers, the site might go down, and things could look weird. If that happens, please hit the refresh button on your browser. If that does not work, please do visit again in a few days time. Thanks.

edit: All right people, everything is up and running so we are good to go!


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