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Strategic Industrial Design Portfolio

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Selected Samples of Professional Industrial Design Work

These samples were developed during my 5 years as head of Industrial Design at Nakamichi Research Singapore Pte. Ltd. In addition to playing a strategic role conceptualizing, managing and bridging the project with the business, I often took a hands on approach as a creative director or design lead. The sketch work you see below are my own.

Until recently, I was a Senior Design Manager at Philips Design.

Nakamichi Phoenix 1

Nakamichi Phoenix 2

The Phoenix High Definition Electrostatic Speaker, was developed as a flagship product that will lead the brand revitalization effort of the organization. The speaker was produce in limited quantities and was awarded a CES Innovation Honoree and Good Design Award in 2007.

Nakamichi Modular Series 01

Nakamichi Modular Series 02

Nakamichi Modular Series 03

The Modular Series was part of an exploration to develop a next generation wireless home entertainment system. Components mixed and matched via a “hot dock” which allows consumers to buy what they need. This concept was awarded a Red-Dot award 2006.

Nakamichi VU50HD

The Nakamichi VU50HD Bauhaus was inspired by a Mondrian painting and was awarded a Red-Dot award 2005.

Nakamichi Kimono 2 Set Top Box

The Nakamichi Kimono Set top box, was designed to break the mold on traditional Set top boxes by using non-manufacturing processes. The body is bent sheet metal with lacquered wooden body.

Nakamichi Lumos

One of the most popular Nakamichi products to date and is consistently sold out at retail shops. The Lumos portable DVD player was inspired by characteristics (leather patterns etc.) of expensive handbags .

Selected Samples of Personal Industrial Design Work

These are samples of my personal industrial design exploration work.

iPoor T-shirt, iPod parody
Stage: Limited Production 500 pieces
Status: Sold Out!

iPoor is an iPod parody T-Shirt intended to make a social commentary on Apple’s passionate following and the brand’s ability to get away with their consistently high prices. All in the name of fun! For more details click on the image above or visit the official iPoor page at Design Sojourn.

The Un-p3 Project
Stage: Working Prototype
Status: On Hold

The Un-p3 Project was a personal challenge to explore the financial impact (or multiplier) design can have on a product, especially one that is deemed a commodity. The decision was made to develop a generic Mp3 product that would have a resulting design that is different from anything available in the market.

Un-p3 Haptic Concept
The Haptic concept was envisaged to be made from wood and a response to the mass manufacturing culture by creating a product that improves with age like a piece of furniture.

Un-p3 Wave Concept
The Wave concept, was created by 3D prototyping techniques that allows for plastic products created in forms impossible by traditional manufacturing techniques. (Click on the Image for more details)

For more information, do check out the product development process at my design blog Design Sojourn.

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