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[ The Design Of Everyday Things ]

Alluring Promise of Sweetness


Yummy fruits and desserts being sold by using their natural colors. Attractive and alluring promise of sweetness.

[ The Design Of Everyday Things ]

Longest French Fry I’ve Ever Eaten!

photo (1)

I kid u not! Its almost as long as my fork. Can you imagine the size of the potato it was cut from?

[ The Design Of Everyday Things ]

What does seaweed and chicken have to do with Avatar?

photo (2)

You are supposed to save them not eat them right? 😉

[ The Design Of Everyday Things ]

Hasty Barricade

photo (3)

Saw this hastly put together barricade at a train station. A short term solution to crowd control. Bit of a mess of parts.

[ The Design Of Everyday Things ]

Cultural synergy

photo (4)

The world will soon become a melting pot of different cultures coming together with ideas or traditions bouncing and evolving off each other.  Good or bad, it is interesting to see that some of our habits are more similar than we know.

For example the amount of tea or coffee we drink in a cup in one go. 

Check out how this hand made Japanese tea cup for Ocha (green tea) is a perfect fit for a preset machine brewed shot of cappuccino.

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