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[ The Design Of Everyday Things ]

I wonder what’s in store?

photo (2)

$3.35 an hour to go into a store room that the no entry sign says we should not go into??!!? Check out the electronic lock up top.

[ The Design Of Everyday Things ]

Everyone loves Apple!

photo (3)

[ The Design Of Everyday Things ]

Beer in a Whiskey size glass

photo (4)

Beer in Malaysia drunk in a whiskey glass and not the usual beer mug. More to go around perhaps?

[ The Design Of Everyday Things ]

Alluring Promise of Sweetness


Yummy fruits and desserts being sold by using their natural colors. Attractive and alluring promise of sweetness.

[ The Design Of Everyday Things ]

Longest French Fry I’ve Ever Eaten!

photo (1)

I kid u not! Its almost as long as my fork. Can you imagine the size of the potato it was cut from?

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