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The Dandelion Exhibition is a Go!


It is finally here, and what a rush it has been! Not only is this one of the highlights of my social-entrepreneurship endeavour in promoting Asian design, it’s one of the big reasons why I have been so busy during my down time in the last couple of months!

Together with the help of a wonderful team, we have officially launched the Dandelion On-line Exhibition featuring work of designers from Asia and beyond.

It was really great experience, and interestingly enough it felt more like a bunch of friends getting together, hanging out and showing our best Industrial Design work.

Oh and before I forget, I like to also extend a big thanks to all the people who submitted their work to the Exhibition! More importantly, I like to personally thank py for all her hard work in helping me get the exhibition up and running.

It was a great process getting to the end, and we hope you enjoy the Exhibition as much as we did setting it up. Please do let me know what you think?

Link to Dandelion On-line Exhibition.

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