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The Dandelion Exhibition is a Go!


It is finally here, and what a rush it has been! Not only is this one of the highlights of my social-entrepreneurship endeavour in promoting Asian design, it’s one of the big reasons why I have been so busy during my down time in the last couple of months!

Together with the help of a wonderful team, we have officially launched the Dandelion On-line Exhibition featuring work of designers from Asia and beyond.

It was really great experience, and interestingly enough it felt more like a bunch of friends getting together, hanging out and showing our best Industrial Design work.

Oh and before I forget, I like to also extend a big thanks to all the people who submitted their work to the Exhibition! More importantly, I like to personally thank py for all her hard work in helping me get the exhibition up and running.

It was a great process getting to the end, and we hope you enjoy the Exhibition as much as we did setting it up. Please do let me know what you think?

Link to Dandelion On-line Exhibition.

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On a slow boat to China

After a mass flurry of activity, emails and phone calls over the weekend, I will now need to make an emergency tip and fly from Sydney to Nanjing, China today. I’ll be there to inspect a product’s final finishing and fit. Not the most ideal time for me personally, but it has to be done.

I’ve been to China before, but not the Nanjing area, so I am looking forward to see a different side of this planet and perhaps some pictures of the city scape soon. I know I’ll have a 5 hour wait transiting Hong Kong so perhaps some blogging time there.

Even more bags for my eye bags now on the “red-eye” flights.

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An Interview on my thoughts on Design Strategy and Sustainable Behaviours

I have been recently interviewed by Mario Vellandi from Melodies in Marketing Blog on my thoughts on Design Strategy and Sustainable Behaviours.

Mario Writes:

To build some greater perspectives on product design in the modern age, I’ve invited DT of Design Sojourn to a little chat about the subject. DT helps build objectives, strategies and development plans for consumer electronics firms across Asia. He’s been a pioneer in promoting the field of Industrial Design, in many more regards than simply admiring fanciful oeuvres d’art et leurs aspects fonctionnels (French for art and functional objects). He reaches out to students and other professionals alike in sharing theory, trends, and best practices in the workplace and beyond, while celebrating the contributions of others to the field.

DT, thanks for stopping by and leaving some feedback on my post New Product Design Strategy. I feel that I’ve barely scratched the surface on this field, as most of what I’ve come to learn has been from my own experiences with CPG manufacturers, some friends, and my PDMA Handbook . What other kinds of strategies or considerations should marketers and product developers be making these days?

Check it out the full interview transcript and write up at my Design Sojourn blog.

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Home Leave

I’ll be back home in Singapore from 7th to 17th July 2007. I’ll be hoping to catch up with all my family and friends.

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Ni Hao!

I like to extend a warm welcome to all my family, friends, fellow designers, business partners, and prospective employers to my new personal portfolio website. (Version 2.0 actually)

I have been mulling over the last few months on whether it made sense to create a personal website out of WordPress when I could do it just as well in CSS/HTML as my original (V1.0) did. However as I find the web these days is a living and evolving entity, a basic CSS and HTML coded site will be difficult for my purposes such as updating my news events easily.

As a result, you now find this brand spanking new site that has a backbone driven by the ubiquitous wordpress blogging/publishing engine. Unfortunately not much will be happening here until I can get my portfolio work back up as well as program/hack/find/modify a theme to my liking.

Eventually this website will contain most of my better portfolio work, social networking links (eg linkedin, coroflot etc.), as well as links to articles and events involving myself. This site is as I would like to call a certain snap shot of my life at any one time. Plus I get to take advantage of all the cool blog communities and linking systems such as Technorati and Mybloglog.

It is my “Brand You” central of all things that is Brian Ling.

Meanwhile do check out some of the other places I spend most of my time at:

  • Design Sojourn : Writings on Industrial Design + Entrepreneurship
  • IDAsia.org : My non-profit Network focusing on fostering and showcasing multi-disciplinary industrial design talent from Asia and beyond.
  • WiiGolf.net : One of my other passions. This site is all about real golfing on the Nintendo Wii.

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